No Business Can Outperform Its Leadership Team Long-Term

On a whim, I recently posted what a humbly call Glen’s Law – No Business Can Outperform Its Leadership Team Long-Term. After years of working with businesses of all types and sizes, I’ve learned (the hard way, in some cases) that senior team effectiveness is often the limiting factor that prevents a company from consistently achieving superior results.

Sure, even a dysfunctional management team can achieve attractive returns for a while if macroeconomic trends and market forces are favorable. But in the long-run, only strong teams that are willing and able to engage in “aggressive fellowship” around issues and opportunities are able to steer their companies through the ups and downs of the business cycle. I firmly believe this to be “a truth.”

My question to the LinkedIn community was, does anyone see it differently? The response? Noone argued a countervailing perspective! Not a single respondent argued that senior team effectiveness was somehow not fundamental to business success.

Emboldened by this response, I’m going to periodically share what a call “corollaries” to Glen’s Law. These are additional insights and observations regarding the relationship between senior teams and the success of their firms. I very much look forward to your feedback!