Mistake #2 – Planning “Forward” Instead of “Backward”

It’s not unusual for me to come across business owners and CEOs who have a fundamental misunderstanding of what strategic planning is and is not. They often confuse “strategic planning” with the more common “long-term planning.” The differences between these two concepts are not academic. They are fundamentally important if you’re looking to take your business to the proverbial “next level.” Continue reading

Stopping Your Way to Success

The vast majority of business leaders I know are men and women of action. They are eager to identify and address the issues confronting them, the challenges creating risk ahead and the opportunities they perceive – all in the interest of accelerating success. They want to DO SOMETHING! Continue reading

How to Facilitate an Issue Processing Meeting

We all have issues! Some are mundane personal annoyances like “why can’t I ever find my car keys?” or “why won’t my daughter take out the garbage without being reminded seven times?” But many others represent potential stumbling blocks to our professional and/or business success. As therapeutic as it might be to tackle the first category, as a professional business facilitator I’m going to focus on the latter. Continue reading