Are you leading a successful business that's positioned to jump to the “next level” in terms of revenues, productivity and profitability?

Are you confident that your business has growth potential, but you just can’t stay focused on growth long enough to impact real change?

Is your team so distracted “fighting fires” that important, but less urgent, longer-term priorities are being delayed?

Imagine that your business reaches the “next level."

Imagine that you develop and implement a successful growth plan.

Imagine that your team focuses only on priorities that really matter.

Imagine that you let yourself dream big!

What would life be like then?


My name is Glen Waisner and I can help. I created the Accelerating Profitable Growth program for business leaders just like you – leaders who are serious about increasing revenues and profit and regaining control of their lives. Together, we can achieve your dreams for your business (without having to live in your office).


My name is Glen Waisner and I can help.

First, I have been in your shoes. I was marketing VP for a Fortune 100 business, president of a $100 million family-owned manufacturing firm, and founder of a start-up that we took from zero to $65 million in revenues in eighteen months.

Second, I have advised and coached dozens of business owners and CEOs over the past fifteen years. And to a one, they will tell you that their businesses are stronger and healthier now than before we worked together.

If you are serious about increasing revenues and profit, getting your team aligned, and not working yourself to death, let's talk. I can help you achieve your dreams for your business.

"Glen has become a dependable adviser and friend for our company. He has great ability to listen and offer unique perspectives, that I have learned to appreciate and value. He has a good sense of humor, and great business sense, and judgement. I enjoy our 1-1 meetings, and our group meetings."

David Snodgrass
Owner, Snodgrass & Sons Construction

"Glen quickly assesses organizational dynamics, challenges and issues from which he facilitates tough, honest, open dialog and effective resolution. No matter the issue or challenge, Glen facilitates productive dialog and effectively leads sessions, managing divergent points of view to consensus and action."

Mary Ann Knaus
Founder, Aquarius Group

"Glen is very detail oriented and a great communicator. His approach made everyone on the team feel like they were in a safe atmosphere where anything could be brought to the table without judgment. In addition, he had a great way of guiding us back on topic when needed, to make sure that our agenda was accomplished. I would definitely recommend his service!"

John Butts
President, Muscle Up Marketing


I proudly carry many labels: strategy consultant, MBA, husband, growth coach, engineer, father, masterful facilitator, executive coach, Managing Partner, change catalyst, home handyman, experienced operating and marketing executive, and Christian. But none of these labels, per se, are important to you.

What is important is whether I can help you and your team achieve greater business success ...faster.

"I would not have believed that this group of individuals could have gotten this far in this little time. We couldn’t have done it without you!"

Andy Hill
President & CEO, Jarden Consumer Solutions

"Glen has a wealth of business experience and the desire to help others. He listens well, and discerns issues and opportunities. His recommendations are solid. I highly value time with Glen."

J. Richard Coe
President, Coe Financial Services

"My biggest concern before hiring Glen was would he be effective? The answer was yes!"

Frank Kenna
CEO, The Marlin Company


My business model is very simple - and very different from other consultants. I don't believe in asking potential clients to "trust me" that I can help them solve their business challenges and create profitable new growth.

I first show them real results for free.

I provide potential new clients with customized strategies to increase revenues and profits at absolutely no cost. In other words, I don't tell prospective clients that I can create value for them, I actually create value for them – before I’ve even been hired.

Why, you ask? Two reasons…

"Glen had a way of bringing focus to the many complicated and various ideas we had as individuals and then helping us to solidify and gain consensus to one comprehensive business vision and plan."

Michael Kratofil
SVP, Jarden Consumer Solutions

"It’s one thing to claim to be a “trusted adviser,” but quite another to deliver on that promise – and Glen does!"

Jerry Zuchowicki
President/GM of North America & EMEA for Newell Brands

"Glen does of very good job of “herding cats” – keeping us all on track and involved in the meetings. He also has given me valuable insights and tools to understand my business more thoroughly and helped me greatly via our monthly “1 to 1” meetings. I would recommend him highly."

Pat Robinson
Partner, B2B CFO


First, I lived in your shoes for more than 20 years, leading businesses of all sizes in several industries. During that time, I purchased consulting services from some of the biggest names in the business. And I was never sure I was “getting my money’s worth.”

Now that I provide consulting services for a living, I make certain that my clients never wonder about the value of working with me. They know that they are receiving a significant return on the fees they pay me.

Second, it might sound crazy, but I intentionally limit the number of clients I work with in a year. Why? So that I can get to know each company, each CEO, and each senior team well enough to become a true partner in their success. And because I don’t want to work myself to death either.

Before accepting a new client, I schedule a 45-90 minute introductory call during which I provide you with actionable, high-value strategies that you can implement with or without me. Your choice.

If we both agree that we’re a “good fit” and I have an opening in my portfolio, great!


The bottom line is that the cost of working with me is ultimately zero. The businesses I work with always generate incremental profits far beyond what they pay me.

And the leadership teams I work with always gain focus and become more aligned.

That’s good for you, good for your business, and good for me - the definition of a good deal!


I serve as Managing Partner of Catalyst Consulting Partners LLC, a boutique professional services firm founded as a woman-owned business by my wife and business partner Cynthia Waisner, PhD. Between us, we have a unique breadth of knowledge and experience in consulting, facilitation, coaching, leadership, training and organization development — all of which we apply to every project.

We specialize in designing and facilitating meetings, retreats, workshops, and projects that produce breakthrough results. Click here for more information about Catalyst.